Declaration on the human condition

Hidden harmony of diverse beauties

“a new idea of social individuality that overcomes the historical dichotomy between the individual and society to face the challenges of the future…”

Aware of the importance and solemnity of the act that I perform, and of the commitment that I undertake, I declare:

To always act in the knowledge that human beings are responsible for their own individual existence and live in the unity of principle and, ultimately, with others and within the eco-biological system of planet Earth and the cosmos

To always exercise respect for myself, and, by extension, towards others

To always pursue my own good to the benefit of others

Not to attribute to rules, protocols or algorithms powers to solve individual’s problems.Only by the ever greater awareness resulting from a personal evolutionary path, the human being can develop harmoniously together with the others

To not shift my naturally absolute inner tensions to an ethical level, that is to say, to never participate in the construction of an absolute or absolutist ethical system

To respect the shared rules without ever ceasing to seek solutions to improve them

To constantly practice doubt over my convictions in order to evolve my perception of reality until the integrity of my conscience is restored

To always look for
myself in others

To be aware of being able to follow all the abovementioned precepts only to the extent to which I have truly understood and transcended them

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